MTNL offers its Triband Broadband plans using ADSL technology. ADSL stands for Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line and it is a transmission technique used on the line from your modem to your service a high-speed replacement for your modem or ISDN adapter that allows you to access the Internet faster.

MTNL Broadband Features

The following are the features of MTNL Broadband services offered under the brand name Triband.

· High speed data download for Broadband Internet data speed starts from 256 kbps to 2 Mbps
· Simultaneous availability of Phone and Internet on the existing Telephone line ”Always on Internet”.
· No call charges for Internet access.
· ‘High on Value Low on Cost’ Service
· 24 Hours Help line and Technical support on phone.
· Easy registration on phone and web.
· Telephone will continue to work even in case of power failure at subscribers end.
· ‘Use now and pay later’ in telephone bill. It provides a means to bill based on Volume of data downloaded.
· It will provide Multicast Video Services, Video-on-demand etc in future
· Can share Broadband connection to create own LAN network i.e. more than one PC can be connected.

In ADSL technology, the speed of transmission is not the same in both directions. The downstream (from network to consumer) speed can be more than ten times as fast as upstream (from consumer to network). This coincides nicely with the requirements for Internet access where a single mouse click (therefore a small amount of data sent by the consumer) can result in the receipt of a large amount of data from the Internet.

ADSL itself only operates over the subscriber’s normal telephone line to the local exchange. The telephone line can continue to be used for voice calls through the use of devices called ‘splitters’ that separate the data and voice on the line. Beyond the point at which the subscriber’s line is terminated in the exchange, other technologies are responsible for the data transmission.

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