While Chennai, the capital of the state of TamilNadu, is one of the four major metros in India, Bangalore (now known as Bengaluru) is the capital city of the state of Karnataka and is popularly known as the garden city of India.While both Chennai and Bangalore are popular IT destinations in India, Bangalore is also known as the silicon valley of India, due to the huge presence of several small, medium and big Indian IT companies and their employees, in this city.

Thousands travel between these two cities due to varied reasons like business, education, travel etc., every day. To meet the needs of the huge traveling population between these two cities, airways, railways and roadways are vying with with each other to provide excellent travel facilities between these two cities. Bangalore is well connected from Chennai via road, rail and air.

Daily Trains From Chennai To Bangalore:

Train NoTrain NameDepartureDep.TimeArrivalArr.TimeClasses AvailableStoppages
2607LALBAGH EXPRESSCHENNAI CENTRAL15:30BANGALORE CY JN21:30CC 2SPerambur-Arakkonam-Sholingur-Walajah-Katpadi-Ambur-Jolarpet-Kuppam-Bangarpet-Krishnarajapuram-Bangalore Cantonment
2609BANGALORE EXPCHENNAI CENTRAL13:20BANGALORE CY JN19:50CC 2STiruvellore-Arakkonam-Sholingur-Walajah-Mukundarayapuram-Katpadi-Gudiyattam-Ambur-Vaniambadi-Jolarpet-Kuppam-Bangarpet-Malur-Whitefield-Krishnarajapuram-Bangalore East-Bangalore Cantonment
2639BRINDAVAN EXPCHENNAI CENTRAL07:15BANGALORE CY JN13:20CC 2SArakkonam-Walajah-Katpadi-Ambur-Vaniambadi-Jolarpet-Kuppam-Bangarpet-Krishnarajapuram-Bangalore Cantonment
2657BANGALORE MAILCHENNAI CENTRAL23:15BANGALORE CY JN05:101A 2A 3A SLArakonam-Katpadi-Jolarpet-Bangarpet-Bangalore East-Bangalore Cantonment
6222MYSORE EXPRESSCHENNAI CENTRAL21:30BANGALORE CY JN04:102A 3A SLTiruvellore-Arakkonam-Anavardikhanpet-Sholingur-Walajah-Katpadi-Ambur-Jolarpet-Kuppam-Bangarpet-Whitefield-Krishnarajapuram-Bangalore East-Bangalore Cantonment-Mysore

Other Trains From/Via Chennai To Bangalore:

Train No.Train NameFrom/ViaDep. TimeArrivalArr. TimeRuns OnClasses AvailableStoppagesNotes
2296SANGHA MITRA EXpCHENNAI CENTRAL14:00BANGALORE CITY JN20:40all days except Thu2A 3A SLArakonam Katpadi Jolarpet Bangarpet Krishnarajapuram Bangalore East Bangalore CantonmentTrain from Patna
2510GUWHATI BANGALORE EXPCHENNAI CENTRAL04:50BANGALORE CITY JN11:50Tue Wed Thu2A 3A SLArakonam Katpadi Jolarpet Bangarpet Krishnarajapuram Bangalore East Bangalore CantonmentTrain from Guwhati
7313CHENNAI HUBLI EXPCHENNAI CENTRAL13:40YESVANTPUR JN21:15only on sun2A 3A SLArakonam Katpadi Jolarpet Bangarpet Krishnarajapuram BanaswadiProceeds to Hubli after reaching Yeshvantpur
2577BAGMATI EXPCHENNAI CENTRAL14:00BANGALORE CITY JN20:40only on Thu2A 3A SLArakonam Katpadi Jolarpet Bangalore east Bangalore Cantonment-
2691CHENNAI SATHYA SAI PRASHANTHI NILAYAM EXPCHENNAI CENTRAL23:30BANGALORE CITY JN05:55only on Fri2A 3A SLArakkonam SholingurKatpadi Ambur Jolarpet Bangarpet Krishnarajapuram Bangalore CantonmentProceeds to Sathya Sai Prashanthi Nilayam after reaching Bangalore
2007SHATABDI EXPCHENNAI CENTRAL06:00BANGALORE CITY JN10:50all days except tue1A SSno stoppages-
2027SHATABDI EXPCHENNAI CENTRAL17:30BANGALORE CITY JN22:30all days except tue1A SSstops at Katpadi and Bangalore cantonment-
5228MUZAFFARPUR YESVANTPUR EXPCHENNAI CENTRAL04:15YESVANTPUR JN11:25only on Wed2A 3A SLArakonam Katpadi Jolarpet Bangarpet Krishnarajapuram-
7311CHENNAI VASCO EXPCHENNAI CENTRAL13:40YESVANTPUR JN21:15only on Fri2A 3A SLArakonam Katpadi Jolarpet Bangarpet Krishnarajapuram BanaswadiProceeds to Vasco after reaching Yesvanthpur
2292YESVANTPUR EXPCHENNAI CENTRAL23:30YESVANTPUR JN05:55only on sat2A 3A SSArakonam Walajah Jolarpet Bangarpet Krishnarajapuram-

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