Are you a foreign national desiring to apply for an Indian visa? Visit the nearest Indian Mission (Indian Embassy) in your place or country and obtain a visa to visit India. All foreign Nationals who intend visiting India for private or official reasons must possess a valid passport issued by their country. They shall also possess a valid Indian Visa.

Every foreign national desiring to visit India shall get a Indian VISA Certificate stamped on his/her passport. A VISA is a certificate approving the applicant’s credentials (after appropriate verification) that he/she has been granted permission to enter India for a temporary stay within a specified period.

The primary Indian authorities responsible for issuing Indian visa to all foreign nationals visiting India is “The Consular Passport” and the Visa Division of The Ministry of External Affairs. The foreign nationals shall approach the Indian missions in their respective countries to obtain a valid Indian Visa.

Foreign visitors shall never visit India without obtaining a valid Indian Visa. However, people belonging to Nepal and Bhutan may visit India without a Visa. Also, citizens of the island of Maldives need not possess an Indian Visa to visit India for a maximum period of 90 days. These are pursuant to the agreements between India and such countries.

It is also important to note that diplomatic/official passport holders are issued visas under a separate Visa regime and the process is not the same as for other foreign nationals.

India Visa form

Indian Visa Types

Indian visas are of different types and they are granted for several different purposes. The types are summarized below.

Type Period Documents required
Tourist Visa 6 months Docs supporting the applicant’s financial standing
Business Visa One or more years Letter from the sponsoring organisation
Student Visa For the duration of the academic course of study or for a period of five years whichever is less Proof of admission to recognized Universities/Institutions in India
Transit Visa Maximum For 15 Days Evidence of onward travel to a destination outside India
Conference Visa For the duration of the conference or seminar Letter of invitation from the organiser of the conference

How to obtain an Indian Visa?

Foreign nationals intending to visit India shall submit the visa application form at the Indian High Commission in their respective countries by either visiting such office in person or by post.

Where can you obtain the Indian Visa application Form?

The foreign nationals intending to visit India shall obtain the application form for the Indian Visa from the Indian Embassy office located in their countries. It must also be noted that this visa application form is different for Pakistani and Bangladeshi nationals.

However, Persons of Indian Origins (PIOs) and Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) who possess either OCI (Overseas Indian Citizenship) or PIO card are not treated as Foreign nationals and they may visit India without the need for obtaining an Indian Visa. This applies even to the children of such NRIs and PIOs.

What are the documents needed for obtaining Indian Visa?

The following are the general documents needed for obtaining an Indian Visa. However, these requirements may vary from one country to another.

· Applicant’s Original passport. This passport must be valid for at least 6 months at the time of applying for the visa.
· Two passport size photographs showing the face of the applicant clearly.
· A valid proof for the name and current address of the applicant. This may either be a copy of the driving license or any other utility bill that shows such information.
· A photocopy of the birth certificate or school diploma of the applicant.
· Any other document as may be required by the authorities for verification.

The applicant shall submit the above documents along with a duly completed Visa application form and also pay the requisite visa fees.

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Get an Indian Visa and enjoy your travel to India.

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